R.E.D. Shirt Friday

R.E.D. Shirt Friday

So why Red Shirt Friday you ask? Well it’s simple. Wear a red shirt every Friday to show that you respect and support our troops and veterans. Throw your politics out the door for a moment; you don’t have to support the wars we engage in, in order to support our troops and appreciate the sacrifices that they make daily. 


RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Friday has been a national campaign to encourage Americans to wear red to show support for deployed military men and women. Red symbolizes the blood spilled by the brave men and women of the United States Military and is a reminder of their sacrifice. Red Fridays is not intended as a political statement, just a nice way for Americans to show they support the brave men and women that serve our country. Our military service members are the reason we live in such a great country.  So once a week on Fridays we show them that they are in our thoughts and we stand behind them by wearing red!



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